Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mid victorian ambrotype and some photoshop fun :)

Two weeks ago I picked up a lovely mid-victorian ambrotype from a local antiques fair.  I noticed immediately that her broach and belt had been coloured, but it was only after I put the photograph under the scanner and viewed it on the screen that it became apparent that the drapes, background and her cheeks had also been tinted.  I've also been having some fun with photoshop and colourized the image. The lips could have been a better shade (if i hadn't stopped tweaking the image now i would have gone on forever) but i think seeing her in colour really brings her to life.  I love the dress and would be tempted to have a go at recreating it one day.  I'm sure i've got some fabric in my stash that would work :D

Outer case

Inner case

Original scan

Tweaked in photoshop with a little bit of cleaning up

Close up 1

Close up 2

Colourized in photoshop

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