Monday, 19 August 2013

6 CDV's of Victorian Parents c1860 - 1870

Some more images from my collection of carte de visite. First a pretty little girl and her father c.1860s.  This one has no studio markings.

The next image is from the studio of Artist and Photographer William Davey of 269 Castle Street Dudley, Scotland c.1870  

Next up is a lady in a particularly stunning silk moire dress from the studio of Isaac Preston Photographer, Sheepscar Post Office. 76, North Street Leeds c.1866.  The photograph does have the ladies name on the back but unfortunately I cannot read what it says, she is however local to Leeds.  

Following is one of my favorite CDV's, from the studio of Henry Webster  2 Albert Terrace, Bishops Road, Bayswater, Kensington.  He ran this studio before going into partnership with his son between 1863 - 1870.  I would say this image is from the first half of the 1860s.  The mother is wearing a beautiful velvet jacket, and just look at those sleeves!  I also love her impeccably styled hair. She looks so much like a young queen victoria in this photo.  Neither mother or baby are looking particularly amused :D

The last two images whilst not possibly the most stunning in my collection are quite interesting as they are a pair.  They were being sold separately and I thought it would be a shame for them to be separated after so many years so I bought both.  The photographer is Thomas Miller, Midland Road, Wellingborough who was in business between 1869 - 1884.

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