Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Quick Update

Just a quick update on ongoing projects.  I'm still knitting my Victorian scarf all be it slowly.  I quickly realised that whilst knitting all 3 balls at once is great for keeping tension equal on all pieces and alleviates the need to count stitches, there is the disadvantage that three balls of wool are a lot more difficult to keep safe from a roving toddler than just one.  Indeed the more balls of wool, the more attractive it seems to my little Rosebud.  Still I managed to get a fair bit done at the sewing group last night, and i will persevere!  Other costume making is at a halt at the moment due to various household calamities - but I haven't forgotten about the sleeve pattern and will hopefully be able to continue with it next month.  Lastly I've set up a facebook page here to promote my blog posts, add any interesting images that don't make it onto my blog and to share any other interesting bits and pieces. So please come along and have a look and feel free to like it and spread the word to any other folks who might be interested :)


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